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The lucky country.

The Australian lifestyle has been the envy of the world in years gone by but our growing waistbands now bring that into question. Across the country obesity rates and the incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke are at epidemic proportions. The Life! program by Diabetes Victoria has been in action for over a decade helping more than 50,000 Victorians reduce their risk of these diseases. To expand its reach and impact Diabetes Victoria have been keen to connect with the community beyond direct referrals from GPs and chemists. They asked us: how can we refine the positioning for the program and how might we reach new people?


Who can we learn from?

The Life! program helps Victorians plan their diet and activity levels as well as manage stress and sleep to find an optimal lifestyle for each participant. The program had already undergone a handy review from sister agency Today with some sharp recommendations around how to refresh the program experience for 2018. As a starting point for this project Today also connected with program facilitators to further understand their role in the program and how we position it in future. Facilitators are a life force themselves in the program providing guidance, a shoulder to lean on and the crucial personal touch many appreciate. From here Pretty Neat called together groups of Victorians at risk of Type 2 Diabetes and stakeholders who might be useful – as community lynch pins – in referring those at risk.


Help me to do it myself.

With research groups we were keen to understand how people come across the program, what appeals about it, were they more interested in autonomy as they progressed or close guidance? Everything was of interest but language was critical. A balance of good resources, useful experts and some trust to take on the challenge was thought to be best by most people. Among the honest feedback was a thread of useful advice around not over-promising in communications. Nobody wants to feel it should be “easy” and they are letting the world down if they struggle.


Getting back on track is neither hard nor easy – it always happens, believe me, I’ve been there
— Participant, At risk Focus Group

Don’t mind us, we’re just listening.

To understand the scale and nature of the community interest in programs like Life! we also applied online community monitoring to the task. We were keen to see how Australians felt about diabetes, where they discussed it and the norms around conversation (if there was any!). The commentary online around food, activity and exercise, sleep and stress was rich and varied. From some detailed configuration with our community monitoring partner we were able to zero in on the right local conversations.


Community-inspired ideas.

Creative development was supported by input from the community at testing stage with important words, concepts and ideas vetted and debated in advance. It’s not a constraint many agencies would enjoy but being data-led with your ideas contributes heavily to online effectiveness. With Diabetes Victoria keen to create as much value from organic activity as possible, production focused on marketing and content assets for their team and online testing was configured to provide feedback on these.


It’s a Life!

To bring the campaign to life for the project team a series of guidance documents were delivered with advice on marketing plays, paid media, ethical acquisition and measurement and performance. A method for scaling and distributing campaign activity was also outlined to allow for a small team to increase their impact over time without increasing their budget. Naming for key stakeholders in program and campaign delivery was also tackled. No, Life! Honchos did not get through. You’ll have to wait and see what did.


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